Premier League and Recreational Racing

Welcome to Henley Dragons

Welcoming social and more competitive paddlers. We run sessions suiting all abilities, covering technical skills, building up strength and endurance.

We are also a premier league racing team competing around the country in the Dragon Boat Association League. A number of our paddlers have competed for the Great Britain Dragon Boat Squad in the European and World championships. More info here.

We also train and race in outrigger canoes. Outriggers promote equal side paddling, complementing Dragon Boat training. Outrigger canoes are ocean vessels, offering a wider training experience and racing opportunities on different waters.

Dragon boating takes place in 10 or 20 man boats, with a drummer at the front and a helm at the back.

We train all year round, using different craft; Bell Boats when the river is too fast flowing and Single boats and outriggers to work on strike technique.

When the river is off limits, indoor training sessions and stroke clinics take place.

Dragon boating provides a whole-body workout and is great for the abs and core.

Hosting the Henley Winter Series each year, 4 races from October onwards, clubs from around the country meet and compete.

Dragon boat calls take some getting used to. More details here!

Want to give it a go? Please click here for a £10 trial session.

Henley Dragons History

Henley Dragon Boat Club officially formed in 1991. Of the founding members, Derek Blincoe and Geoff Pope are still active members today. Geoff tells how one of the first Dragon Boat clubs in the UK was formed.

‘2001 was officially the 10th Anniversary of the Henley Dragon Boat Club, with the story beginning 3 years before in 1987.

At the Wargrave & Shiplake Regatta, we first met Oliver Cock. Well known to people in the Dragon Boat world as a prime mover who introduced Dragon Boat racing to the UK.

We eventually competed at the 1st National Dragon Boat Championship under the Wargrave & Shiplake Regatta banner, drawing people from the various dongola crews. Held on the Serpentine in London, with an all male crew, we qualified for the National Finals.

After 3 years those of us still involved formed the Henley Dragon Boat Club at the Eyot Centre.

An inauspicious start with no boat to train in, a fund was made up of donations from group members and a loan from the Steve Fairbern Trust. The boat we still use for training was purchased in kit form from Chris Hare.

There have been many changes in personnel since then, but the commitment to the success of the Club still remains. We have competed at high levels Nationally and taken members to International status.’

In 2003 the Henley Dragon Boat Club voted to merge with the Eyot Centre and joined their campaign to raise money and build the new facilities which completed in 2008. 

How to join!

The Eyot Centre is home to 3 ’sections’ – Henley Canoe Club, Henley Dragons and Duke of Edinburgh.

Depending on your interests, you can join one of the sections, or you can choose to become a full member of the centre. This allows you to participate across all sessions, gives you access to our gym and permission to launch your own craft from the centre.

Our membership year runs from 1 April – 31 March. We offer a pro-rata rate for new members joining half way through the year.

Full Membership

£200 per year

Section Membership

£120 per year

This allows you to go out on 2 organised sessions per week with your section (Canoe or Dragons)

Youth Membership

£95 per year

If you are under 25 you can pay this rate to join as a full member

DofE Membership

£155 (Bronze)

£290 (Silver)

Gold – please apply to the centre

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