Welcome to The Eyot Duke of Edinburgh Scheme

The Eyot Centre in Henley-on-Thames offers young people the opportunity to undertake the Duke of Edinburgh Award at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.  Please email DofE@eyotcentre.co.uk with any queries relating to the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award develops skills and confidence that will be invaluable to you in life after school. It gives you the chance to make a difference to other people’s lives and you get recognition for undertaking activities you enjoy. You will be fitter and healthier, make new friends and have memories to last you a lifetime.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) is available to everyone between year 9 at school and 24 years old. It is purely voluntary and additional to everything you do at school.

Emphasis is placed on personal target setting, self-reliance and an individual programme of activities.

The cost of taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award through The Eyot Centre varies by level of award and are:

£140 for the Bronze Award, £270 for the Silver Award for either Canoe and £220 for a walking expedition. If you have not completed the Bronze Award and are in year 10 you can still complete your Silver Award as a direct entry participant, this will cost £310. For the Gold Award please contact us for further details.

The above fee covers The Eyot Centre Membership fee (membership for the Duke of Edinburgh Section only for walking expeditions and full Youth Membership to all sections for Canoe expeditions); DofE registration; Insurance; use of specialist equipment; all expedition training, camp site fees, Approved Expedition Assessor fees, experienced and qualified expedition supervisor fees and expenses; and support with completion of the other sections of the award.

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About The Award

The DofE Award Scheme offers wonderful opportunities for young people to take an active part in their personal development. They will:

  • Have a great time and meet new people;

  • Improve their personal and social development;

  • Experience a range of exciting, challenging situations and new activities;

  • Develop new skills and discover new interests;

  • Become independent and build their self-confidence.

  • Develop a love for and confidence in the outdoors


The DofE has three levels. The Eyot centre offers all three levels.


The Bronze Award is for young people in year 9 and above at school and takes at least six months to complete. You will do 3 months of each Skills, Physical and Volunteering, then an additional 3 months in one of those.  


You will normally start at Bronze. To finish your Bronze Award you will have to complete four sections. 


The Silver Award is for young people in year 10 and above at school. If you have done Bronze, The Silver Award takes at least six months to finish. You can start at Silver, then it will take at least 12 months. You will do the same four sections to finish Silver, this includes 6 months of Volunteering, then 6 months of either Skills or Physical, and 3 months of the other.


The Gold Award is for young people 16 years+. If you have done silver, the Gold Award takes at least 12 months to finish. You can start at Gold, then it will take at least 18 months. You will do the same four sections, and to get your Gold you will also do an extra Residential section. You will do 12 months of Volunteering, then 12 months of either Skills or Physical and 6 months of the other.